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Mick Thompson

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Hanford Patrol's Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC) Training Officers are certified by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission, and BSR (Bill Scott Raceway). Because of their experience and subject matter expertise, they provide EVOC training to local, state, and federal (including military) personnel.

The Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC) was developed to train law enforcement officers, emergency responders, and others driving specialists in techniques necessary to successfully complete their missions in a safe and efficient manner.

The 1.3-mile asphalt roadway includes a quarter-mile straightaway, nine curves of varying radii and elevation changes, an intersection, Wet skid pan area, and use of training facades. An adjacent 160,000 square foot asphalt Skills Pad provides a separate area for backing, autocross, and SkidCar training.

Driven at low speeds, but simulating vehicle behavior that occurs at highway speeds and under all road conditions, the SkidCar safely and quickly teaches skid control and recovery. This training is particularly valuable for less experienced drivers who frequently overreact to a skid and lose control.

Specially equipped Pursuit Immobilization Technique (PIT) vehicles can be provided to train personnel tasked with pursuing and stopping fleeing automobiles. An Off Road course is also available on the PTA facility grounds.

A driving simulator is utilized for teaching important fundamentals in accident avoidance.

Typical Training Classes:
  • Basic Criminal Justice Training Commission EVOC for Driving Instructors
  • Tactical Day/Night Driving
  • Ambush Survival Techniques
  • Use of Force Scenario
  • Instructor Driving Refresher
  • Law Enforcement Autocross
  • Traffic Enforcement
  • Backing Skills
  • Pursuit Immobilization Technique Training
  • Stop Sticks Training
  • Vehicular Pursuit
  • Skid Avoidance Driving (SkidCar)
  • Felony Stops
  • Skills Driving (Forward and Reverse)
  • Trailer Towing and Backing
  • Using Simunitions and MILES Laser Equipment

The Emergency Vehicle Operations Course is available to DOE and DOE-affiliated entities, military, as well as other authorized federal and state agencies, and local law enforcement and security personnel.




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