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Dennis Humphreys

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Since opening the doors in 1999, HAMMER main campus props—including a Search & Rescue Building, six-story Training Tower, Tactical Maze Building and Port of Entry Prop— have been used frequently by law enforcement and security personnel.

Through its partnership with the Hanford Patrol, Hanford’s protective force, HAMMER meets a wide variety of armed and unarmed personnel training needs. HAMMER customers bring their own trainers or use the facility’s cadre of highly qualified training professionals. Certified trainers include armorers with experience in firearms maintenance and munitions management, physical fitness trainers attuned to the special needs of law enforcement personnel, and range officers with a "safety first" approach.

Typical training classes include:

  • Special Weapons & Tactics (SWAT
  • Officer Survival and Tactics
  • Use of Force Continuum
  • Special Response Team Tactical Courses

Frequently Used Props include:

  • Search and Rescue Building
  • Six Story Training Tower
  • Tactical Maze Building
  • Port of Entry Prop

HAMMER is available to DOE and DOE-affiliated entities as well as military, other authorized federal and state agencies, and local emergency response agencies.

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