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Nicole Zawadzki

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When disaster strikes, HAMMER supports DOE's energy response team to restore critical energy systems.

Since 2003, HAMMER has directly supported DOE Headquarters to meet its responsibilities for maintaining infrastructure security and energy restoration assistance during emergencies under the National Response Framework – Emergency Support Function 12.

HAMMER provides training, staffing and exercises/scenarios for DOE emergency response teams. HAMMER support played a critical role in the response to Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Irene, and the 2012 Hurricane Sandy. HAMMER works closely with the DOE Office of Electricity (OE) Delivery and Energy Reliability to significantly improve response capabilities through training and exercises.

HAMMER's Support of DOE-OE:

  • Award winning Federally and Nationally recognized Emergency Support Function #12 Responder Training
  • DOE Regional Coordinators Training
  • National and Regional Exercise Preparation and Implementation
  • Deployment support during energy emergencies
  • Active response team members
  • Education and Outreach
  • Coordinate and facilitate interface response partners to include industry and government agencies


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