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Supplied Air

Supplied Air Information:
Supplied Air Units utilize a compressed-air cylinder to supply respirable air to a full-face piece respirator that is connected to a small diameter, high-pressure hose, and a two-stage regulator. Positive pressure during inhalation and exhalation is maintained within the full-face piece respirator by the conical spring that regulates the amount of air to maintain positive pressure inside the regulator.

Supplied Air Limitations:
Supplied Air is only operable for a limited time frame (30 or 60 minute cylinders or larger K-bottles), low air alarms set for 25 percent. Never expect to get the entire rated service life from a cylinder. Many factors such as genetic breathing patterns, physical fitness, psychological fitness, age, activity level, face piece seal, and even age of a face piece increase air consumption and shortened service life of an SCBA.

Supplied Air units require a nose cup or anti fog (P/N 60158-00) for use below 32 degrees F. Supplied Air regulators can ice up in extremely cold weather. Indoor storage of supplied air cylinder can reduce the potential ice build-up inside the regulators.

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