Sam Biography


Sam Volpentest (1904 - 2005) Centenarian, Community leader, HAMMER's founder, and Senior Partner, was the Executive Vice President of the Tri-City Industrial Development Council (TRIDEC) and recipient of the International Economic Development Council's Lifetime Achievement Award.

Sam was one of the nation's oldest living cancer survivors. Sam was a strong advocate for worker health and safety, and a driving force behind HAMMER. In the late 1980s, Sam adopted the dream of Tri-County fire commissioners and labor councils, by convincing Congress and the U.S. Department of Energy a hands-on training center was needed to protect the health and safety of Hanford workers and regional emergency responders.

Congress appropriated funds for HAMMER in 1995. The new facility became a reality in 1997. Sam advocated for HAMMER and its programs until he passed away in 2005, HAMMER was his pride. The Volpentest HAMMER Training and Education Center proudly bears Sam's name.

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