Vision, Mission, Values

The HAMMER team provides innovative, hands-on training and expertise utilizing a one-of-a-kind facility to create a safe and highly skilled workforce.

HAMMER delivers the best training for today’s workforce to meet tomorrow’s complex, high-risk challenges.

HAMMER’s success is grounded in the personal initiative and credibility of its staff. The establishment of HAMMER’s staff-led Core Covenants serve to enhance its ideals in Safety, Integrity, Customer Service, and Excellence. The Core Covenants include:

  • Pride - Personal responsibility in delivering excellence
  • Teamwork - In unity and diversity there is strength
  • Innovation - Being creative is thinking about things; being innovative is doing them
  • Family - Our family guides us and keeps us safe. It inspires us to greatness and comforts us when we falter

HAMMER’s Core Covenants are “Internal Beliefs, External Deeds; Visible to All.”

We foster and champion a culture of safe and secure operations.

We adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct and moral behavior. We do what we say we will do on time and on budget. HAMMER always strives to do the right thing.

HAMMER leadership creates a positive work environment that balances workloads and reinforces individual capabilities. Teamwork creates participation and involvement that results in better decision making, generates diverse solutions and ideas, and acknowledges the contributions of each staff member.

Customer Service
We put our customers first. We exceed our customers’ expectations. We are responsive to requests and provide a service-oriented environment that presents our customers with professional experience, positive attitudes, and quality service.

Our staff takes pride in our work and we set high standards of excellence in our work products through continuous review, improvement, and implementation of best practices. Our staff maintains a mentality of continuous learning and improvement.

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