Work Delays • Closures • Early Releases

Work Closure, Delay, or Early Release for Hanford Students

This policy applies to training provided at the HAMMER Federal Training Facility. When a work closure, delay or early release is announced for Hanford personnel the following will apply:

Site Closure

All scheduled classes will be canceled.

Partial Site Closure or Delay North of Wye Barricade

Report to class as scheduled.

Site Work Delay

One-Day & Morning Only Classes will be canceled; report to your work location at the end of the delay.

Exception: Report to Rad Worker and Rad Technician classes at the end of the delay. 

Multi-Day & After 11:30 Classes - Report to class as scheduled.

Early Release 

Remain in class until released by the instructor.


NOTE: HAMMER Management reserves the right to deviate from this policy on a case-by-case basis to meet mission requirements.

Last Updated 03/08/2022 4:03 PM