Food and Water Options on the HAMMER Campus

Baby J’s Food Truck

Baby J's is back! Please place your lunch order before 8am on the day you would like to purchase (you may also place an order the day before you would like to pick up). Click on the link to the menu below. Pick up time will be between the hours of 10:30 and 12:00, outside the Operations building (6089). 


Avanti Market

There are two Avanti Markets on campus, one in the Al Alm Building and one in the Administration Building.


Avanti Market



Drinking fountains with a bottle fill station are available in the following locations:

6088     Field Exercise Building

6089     Operations Building

6091     Admin Building

6092     Al Alm Building

6092H   Comfort Station

6096      Radiation Safety Training Building

6097     State Department Building

6099     Health & Safety Building


*Don’t forget to bring your water bottle!











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