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Brad Jackson
HAMMER Military Training Expert
Former CST and CERFP Operations Officer
Air Force Master Instructor

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There is no substitute for hands-on, boots-on-the-ground training experience. At HAMMER, you can train like you will fight, with your equipment, using our standard operating procedures. The 88-acre HAMMER main campus offers scalable and customizable training to meet your unit’s needs. Our facilities, combined with a staff of subject matter experts, make HAMMER one of the best sites in the nation for conducting performance-based training.

HAMMER’s Military Training Program focuses on the training needs of both the U.S. Army National Guard and Active Duty units in chemical, biological and radiological response. The program sustains the critical individual and team level skills required for soldiers to correctly respond to chemical, biological and radiological events. The training conducted is sought out for the unique capabilities and expertise of HAMMER. HAMMER enhances the realism of event response using Sustainment and Advanced Training, chemical and biological simulates, and live radiological agents.

HAMMER has conducted training for over 35 National Guard Civil Support Teams and Active Duty chemical battalions. As a result of the quality and realism of training, HAMMER is positioned to be designated the Northwest Regional Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Training Complex, with anticipated expansion of training support to meet regional training needs.

HAMMER Capabilities:

  • Live-agent radiological sources
  • Sealed and dispersible
  • Full breadth of radiological expertise and experience
  • Ten weapons ranges with full support
  • Six story tower for high-angle rope training
  • Confined Space and Trench Prop
  • Emergency Vehicle Operations Course with skid car and certified instructors
  • Off-site live agent training ground
  • Helipad
  • Clandestine lab setups
  • Multiple venues to facilitate a variety of scenarios

HAMMER is available to DOE and DOE-affiliated entities as well as military, other authorized federal and state agencies, and local emergency response agencies.

Training Tower Rappelling
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